How a CAD Investment Property Will Boost Your Returns

November 15, 2023

Capital Asset Development – or CAD – is the most trusted luxury custom home builder across Topsail Island, NC and other parts of the coastal Carolinas. True masters of our craft, we build coastal properties that give our investors some truly impressive returns. 

I mean…we’re talking rental income that can easily surpass $200K a year! What makes our properties such good real estate investments? 

In this blog, we list some of the most enticing features that keep our clients’ rental properties booked year-round. 

How CAD Investment Properties Maximize ROI 

In coastal real estate, the key to a strong Return-on-Investment (ROI) is an attractive, easy-to-market property that shouts LUXURY. 

That’s precisely what you get with Capital Asset Development! 

Below are the 8 most profitable features of a CAD real estate investment: 

1. Plenty of bedroom space 

When searching for a beach vacation rental, one of the biggest factors is the number of bedrooms. And let me tell you…the CAD team KNOWS how to maximize bedroom space. Take our La Costa development, for example. The property’s 8 spacious bedrooms allow big families to spread out comfortably. Not only that, but each bedroom is designed for relaxation…because that’s exactly what renters are looking for. 

2. Unrivaled ocean views & beach access 

Although we’ll build your luxury investment property anywhere you want, we do most of our development right on the water. Our properties boast some of the best ocean views and beach access points of any luxury homes in the region. We realize the sea is the star of the show. That’s why we design our homes with plenty of windows and outdoor seating space. Plus, many of our properties include easy-to-access personal docks and community boat ramps.

3. Relaxing pools, hot tubs, and lounge areas 

In addition to docks and boat ramps, our developments offer all the luxury amenities guests want in a vacation rental. Lavish pools and hot tubs. Cozy outdoor lounge areas. Firepits and lots of shaded seating. 

4. Irresistible curbside appeal 

Take just one glance at a CAD development, and you’ll find yourself drooling a little bit as you daydream. Suddenly, nothing will sound better than lounging outside the beautiful property with a glass of wine or cold beer in hand, basking in the sounds and sights of the ocean. That’s the power of CAD’s curb appeal. Renters just fall in love with our vacation rental properties – meaning the marketing needs on your end will be minimal! 

5. Truly magnificent kitchens 

A large, modern kitchen is one of the most profitable features of Airbnbs and other vacation rentals. Our crew focuses a lot of time and energy on this crucial component of our properties. The spacious, inviting CAD kitchens really elevate each home’s sense of luxury and grandeur. 

6. Spacious living areas 

Nobody wants to feel too cramped while on vacation. The CAD team builds every single property with the end user in mind. That means plenty of seating, large dining areas, inviting living spaces (indoor and outdoor), and room for indoor entertainment when guests need a break from the sun and sand. 

7. Perfection in the details 

From the structural integrity of our properties to the final touches of paint and woodwork and the placement of electrical outlets, no detail is too small for the CAD team. To us, these nitty gritty details are what separates good coastal properties from EXCELLENT coastal properties. And we’ll settle for nothing less. 

8. The area’s best locations 

We’ve made a habit of choosing only the most profitable locations across southeastern North Carolina and northeastern South Carolina. Most of our properties are strategically positioned to create a sense of privacy, allowing visitors to spend uninterrupted one-on-one time with the ocean – without the annoyance of noisy neighbors or high volumes of traffic. Not only that, but with the thriving local economy in our coastal region, investors enjoy above average long-term capital growth and high appreciation.

Capital Asset Development | Luxury Custom Home Builder 

Looking for a successful real estate investment? You’ve come to the right place! Whether you want to invest in one of our developments or build a new custom home, you are sure to get impressive returns from a Capital Asset Development property. 

We build beautiful properties in the following areas: 

● Myrtle Beach, SC 

● Hampstead, NC 

● Topsail Beach, NC 

● Surf City, NC 

● Wilmington, NC 

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