Why Investors Adore Our LaCosta Bay Homes

November 27, 2023

More and more investors are discovering the treasure trove of Topsail Island real estate. With the rapid growth of the region, our stunning, two-story La Costa Bay homes won’t be available much longer.

But the location isn’t the ONLY factor attracting investors and renters to LaCosta Bay…


What’s so AMAZING about our La Costa Bay Development?

Seven unique traits make our LaCosta Bay homes an attractive investment opportunity:

1. Annual income over $200K

If you’re looking for a big return on investment, you’ll find it at LaCosta Bay. The profit you’ll make from these properties in a single year is insane! Our investors are always surprised by the  high return opportunity for these properties. Where else can you get a CAP rate in the low double digits right off the bat and grow from there? As if a 12% CAP rate off the bat isn’t good enough, most investors can expect rental rates to increase in the 3 to 4% annually (which falls straight to your bottom line) and the property value to increase another 3 to 4% annually (a great real asset to hedge against inflation). And let’s not forget the principal paydown on your mortgage. All in all, a 25 to 30% ROI over a 10-year holding period wouldn’t be atypical. Not bad, huh?

2. Fabulous oceanfront location

When renters vacation to the beach, they want to be RIGHT on the water. Well…you can’t find anything closer than our LaCosta Bay homes, with beach access literally steps from your front door. And Topsail Island beaches just hit a little differently than your average sandy beach. Quiet, uncrowded, and serene – they are perfect for renters craving a little bit of privacy.

3. Plenty of bathrooms

There’s nothing worse than going on vacation and having to share a bathroom with your unhygienic teenage nephew or gassy Uncle Ben. You love ‘em, but a little privacy would be nice! For some groups, the number of bathrooms can be a deal-breaker. With six bathrooms per home (which is above the local average), LaCosta Bay renters avoid the major pitfalls of bathroom sharing.

4. Multiple deck levels

Our LaCosta Bay homes offer no shortage of outdoor seating. With two covered and two upper level decks, larger families can split off and enjoy some privacy to watch the sunrise in peace. That being said…even the decks offer plenty of space to spread out. So, if the whole family wants to gather on a back deck for a nice sunset dinner, they absolutely can!

5. Luxurious community pool

One of the other most sought-out vacation rental amenities, swimming pools are a MUST if you want your investment property to be a reliable source of income. Of a group of eight-plus renters, at least a couple will prefer refreshing pool water to salty seawater. You’d be wise to invest in a property like LaCosta Bay that features an inviting, well-lit community pool.

6. Lots to do in the area

It’s rare you find a vacation destination with BOTH serene beaches and an abundance of local events and activities. While the topography of the barrier island helps create a sense of privacy for La Costa Bay renters, there is still a lot to do (and eat) in close proximity. Shrimp festivals. Jazz festivals. A summer movie or concert. There’s always something going on in the area.

7. Spectacular growth potential

The beautiful barrier island is quickly becoming one of the most coveted beach destinations in the country. In fact, according to HomeToGo, Topsail Beach’s summer travel demand was up 543% in 2023 compared to 2022. And while the popularity of the area is growing rapidly, residents and investors remain committed to protecting its peaceful beaches.


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